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The most easily adopted Top Performing Mindset Cheat Sheets to ensure a strong mindset, build life-changing habits, and make all your dreams come true. A powerful combo to achieve all your goals and live a powerful and meaningful life.


Cheat Sheets, Audios, and Swipes at your fingertips daily no matter where you are in the world or what you’re doing. Tools to tap into your zone of genius, and ensure a strong mindset.

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4 Videos - 10 Secrets to Unlock Your Superpowers explaining the neuroscience of breaking through upper limit potential   Value
The Dreams+Goals Workbook Guided creative session to envision life according to your dreams and build your goals   Value
6+1 Daily Success Habits with a journey map, customizable implementation guides, and audios to help make your life vision a reality   Value
250+ Gratitude and Positive Affirmation Prompts to keep you focused on staying in the flow   Value
Mindset and Performance Habit Tracker to stay the course and measure growth   Value
BONUS: Quantum Breakthroughs intro + cheat sheets   Value
BONUS: 20+ authors and philosophers to follow for science and inspiration for personal growth   Value
BONUS: Facebook Community with like-minded colleagues for clients only   Value
BONUS: Lifetime Access to Updates   Value



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What Others Are Saying About Vesa and Rachel...

This is a perfectly curated collection for anyone who's serious about developing, maintaining, and strengthening a High-Performance Mindset. There are tons of tools, resources, and cheatsheets you can use to put your personal growth into hyper drive. Rachel and Vesa are an excellent duo and they make the process as fun as it is entertaining. 10/10

Jonathan Lambert

Vesa and Rachel are one of the most powerful partners I've ever met. I bought one of their first digital products and I haven't stopped buying the new ones ever since. They know their topics in depth. Everything they share, comes from high quality research backed up by science. Working with them helped me understand the meaning of a "Powerful Mindset"... which increased my productivity & motivation which brought a significant increase in wealth. They guided me organize my days in such good ways.. that I never felt I was losing time anymore... and my performance just went up and up! Finally, most importantly - with their help, I understood my hidden superpowers that have altered my life by 100%. It's all about your mindset!

Arbesa Gashi - MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology

Rachel and Vesa guided how to literally design my future by using their simple habits and practices formulas. Suddenly, everything seemed achievable and possible. They helped me stay on track with their workbooks, explained the neuroscience of unlocking my inner strengths... I always remained on the TOP of the game. The ladies really know how to alter your life by 100% without you even noticing the burden of "change".

Blend Geci

High Performance Mindset Bundle™ - $29.99


Want to level-up Your Productivity? Make the most of these habits by using our Superpower Habits Stack for Morning, Mid-Day, and Evening Habits

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  • Good Morning - Your brain is most impressionable when you first wake up. Use these three implementation guides for morning habits whether you have five minutes to spare or two hours.

  • Mid-Day Check-in -  Hitting a wall or stuck in a rut in the afternoon? Use this checklist of reboot techniques to maneuver your brain and maintain flow for greater creativity and higher productivity. Use this list anytime you’re procrastinating or feeling resistance.
  • Sweet Dreams -  Did you know sleep is the most active flow state? Prime your brain before you sleep with our checklist of habits to wake up with confidence, sharp focus, and creative solutions to win the day.

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